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Coloring the Tropics Blue - Technique

Here's a video that shows stages of color pencil that I added  to "Charlie" my Sea Turtle. (His friends call him "C" for short), get it?

I added the light rays in the background for a dramatic dynamic affect. Notice how the light, even under water creates shadows and reflections. Try layering the

colored pencil starting with lighter tones like yellow and light green - then build up to the darker values/colors like ocean blue.

Making the bubbles appear transparent and round, with reflected light is easier than you might expect. See how just a few marks, indicating the objects shape and color creates the illusion. 

Charlie and his friends are available at:

Light rays in the background were added by dividing up the space with lines that radiate from the water surface. 

Transparent bubbles give a a under-watery affect. Check out the bubble creating a shadow on the ocean's bottom. 

A spray of fixative allows for additional color and tends to saturate the color a bit.

Frame your finished art - they make great presents. 

Check out Arteza Colored Pencils. I used this expert set to color the Sea Turtle above. For the price, they do a good job as you can see. 

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