Eclipse Vermont "Lady of the Forest" T-shirts

Jamie and Northeast Kingdom Mountains 

Greetings friends! By popular demand, my Eclipse Vermont tees are now available online.

Seeking harmony with one’s self, community, and the natural world - this "Lady of the Forest” druid stands, arms and antlers raised to praise Vermont’s Total Eclipse.

Check out the shimmering etched mountains, reminiscent of 19th century lithographs. and how her body seems to be blocking the light. The moon phases graphic gives balance with movement, like an animation, to the design.

"Typography, meet total eclipse." I had a ball (pun intended) working with the concept of the moon blocking sun to create the "C" in eclipse. The "L" gets the same treatment, further driving home the concept of eclipse.    

Women's fashion fit tees and Men's crew-neck styles available in S, M, L, XL, 2XL sizes. 100% cotton. Black.


Alec, Laura and Harry
The Slater Family rockin' Vermont Eclipse Tees

Just moments before totality the light was incredible. Soft shadows, like I'd never seen before, added cinema-like lighting affects to my view. The almost total darkness, red flashes and diamond explosion of light blew my mind.

- David Griffin 

Women's Fashion Fit T-shirt. 

Men's Crew Neck T-shirt

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