Retro Hiking Vermont Poster

Moose Alert!

Picture here is a detail of my NEW!, 2023 design, "Hiking Vermont!" A vector, digital illustration inspired by 40's and 50's outdoor life magazine covers and display advertisements. This moose is a fast runner. If a moose decides to charge, it's wise to scurry behind a large tree or big rock to separate yourself from the animal. It's best to keep fido close during fall mating season as conflicts between moose and people are triggered by dogs. Woof!

About this Illustration

I usually gather reference from the internet before I start a design/illustration. I like to get inspiration from vintage outdoor life magazine covers and advertisements. Pictured here are the three retro outdoor design that I recently completed. 

I make these illustrations using the computer and a drawing program called Adobe Illustrator. Each area of color is hand drawn with a "mouse." Experienced designers will know these outlines as "vector" lines. Like pieces of a stainless window, each shape was individually made.  

Choosing the color is key to creating a nice image. With landscape designs, it's important to create depth in a painting with appropriate colors and values. Here you can see that I added a 20% blue tint over the original moose image to desaturate the color. Now the moose looks like ambience of the water and sky have surrounded her giving the illusion of distance. 

Gallery Representation

My original signed, matted and framed prints are available at Arthound Gallery in Essex, Vermont USA. John Churchman runs the gallery and represents over 350 Vermont artists. It's a great place for special gifts for family and friends.



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