Viva Peter Perez's NEW! Coloring Book

Renowned artist, designer and curator, Peter Perez debuts "Viva Los Muertos" Coloring Book featuring his Day of the Dead Etchings, Sketches and Musings. Perez's artwork celebrates the traditional Mexican holiday with collection of illustrated images and paintings of the imagined lives and past times of the dead.

The drawings, pen and ink, scratchboards, letterpress prints and etchings, are the results of 18 years of founding, curating, designing, and creating exhibits for El Dia de Los Muertos Celebrations of Life on a national stage.

Etching plate (shown above), features Peter's intricate Day of the Dead artwork. The design is etched, or scratched into the metal plate in reverse so that when the plate is inked and printed the image reads as a positive. Check out the amazing detail - only the raised are areas printed. Peter has to keep this in mind when he's working on the print.

For the coloring book - Viva Los Metros, etchings where scanned in high resolution, then adjusted in Photoshop to prepare for the printing process. 

La Quinceanera by Peter Perez

"Embracing death gives more meaning to life. Embracing love gives more meaning to death."

- Peter Peter

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